Wayne Barlowe, The Molars of Leviathan 

In the wild, wolves and crows (and ravens) are frequently found in each other’s company. The crows fly ahead of the wolf pack to locate prey. In exchange, the grateful wolves leave behind a few tasty morsels for the scavenging crows. There is also evidence that the two species simply enjoy being around each other, as wolves and crows are commonly observed exhibiting playful behavior with one another.


"How Can I Tell This Customer To Fuck Off Without Getting Fired" - an anthology by retail workers worldwide

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Contrasted with the Left’s riot-shaming and guilt-tripping, we support an alternative model of solidarity: that of the accomplice. Resisting oppression and fighting for liberation is criminalized, and in light of this we would seek not guilt-ridden allies but angry accomplices. The strongest comrade is one who fights not out of guilt or moral obligation but with their own personal desire for freedom, challenging all structures of domination with awareness of others’ different lived experience, but nonetheless aiming toward a shared goal through affinity.  —Accomplices Wanted: A few notes on race, legitimacy, and solidarity with struggle in Ferguson  (via becoming-vverevvolf)

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Despite mountains of livestream footage, photographs, and firsthand accounts, much of this story has already been obscured. An entire narrative of recuperation has emerged, initiated by city officials like Ferguson’s police chief, but parroted by both Black and white liberal pundits and community leaders, that the unrest was due merely to a few out-of-town agitators, in particular white anarchists. The demonstrable fact of localized Black rebellion (not to mention Black anarchists!) is erased from history and from our political imagination, even as the possibility of meaningful cross-racial solidarity is attacked with the weapons of guilt and shame.

The implication here is that Black people, presumed to be one monolithic community, are either naturally docile, liberal, religious, grateful, and nonviolent, or are easily tricked into revolt by white people “with their own agenda.” The condescending racism of this narrative would be more obvious if it were not so commonly toted by the Black Left, which finds itself losing its grasp over populations of poor people fed up with calls for voting, reform, and accountability. This Left constructs a singular, monolothic Black populace specifically to better position their perspective as more legitimate than that of the Black rioters, Black anarchists, and Black warriors whom it seeks to dissappear. It is reminiscent of the Civil Rights period, when both Black and white liberals colluded to erase the meaning and substance of the Black riots and self-defense that threatened the hegemony of their nonviolent model.

 —Accomplices Wanted: A few notes on race, legitimacy, and solidarity with the struggle in Ferguson (via ninjabikeslut)
Historically, most anarchists, except those who believed that society would evolve to the point that it would leave the state behind, have believed that some sort of insurrectionary activity would be necessary to radically transform society. Most simply, this means that the state has to be knocked out of existence by the exploited and excluded, thus anarchists must attack: waiting for the state to disappear is defeat.  —Insurrectionary Anarchy  (via becoming-vverevvolf)

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Every attack on an officer of the law is an attack on our state, our country and civilized society.  —

Gov. Tom Corbett as quoted in Pa. police: 1 trooper dead, another injured in shooting (via ninjabikeslut)

You heard ‘em, guys.

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I am not a misanthrope and so much the less a misogynist…I need friends and lovers, clothes and bread. I am not an anchorite or a saint in the desert.

But there’s no need to be such a thing in order to be anti-society. Being anti-society means—for me—not collaborating in the preservation of the present society nor lending one’s efforts to any new social construction.

And if materialistic ‘needs’ force me to go toward society, the ‘necessity’ to be free sets me against it and gives birth in me to a third ‘need.’ That of doing violence to it. Without scruples!

 —renzo novatore, the revolt of the unique (via becoming-vverevvolf)

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Oh, Satan, inspire me! Inspire me, oh my divine brother!

Give me the hellish potential to set fire to all those virgin spirits that have not yet been buried in the dung heap of deceitful theories; make it possible for me to draw a daring handful of lovers of heroic, libertarian greatness and heroic death close to me.

But they will be there! They must be there! May the temperate souls remain calmly rotting away in the company of their stupid saints and senile, old, good god.

 —renzo novatore, toward the hurricane (via becoming-vverevvolf)

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Stolas is a Great Prince of Hell, commands twenty-six legions of demons (twenty-five according to other authors), and teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones. He is also known as Stolos and Solas. He is depicted as either being a crowned owl with long legs, a raven, or a man.
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